You know they way you use your bed, your table and your couch at completely different times throughout the day?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all that furniture using the same space?

With the growing urbanization of our cities, space is at a premium and homes need to become more efficient. I want to create a better way to live in a city environment. Regardless of the situation, we should all be able to live in comfort and privacy but that shouldn’t mean breaking the bank.


I’ve designed a piece of furniture that can do just that.

With the click of a button, you can turn a bedroom into a dining room, homework room, play room, sitting room or home cinema!

No mess of doing bed sheets, no shuffling of bits of furniture… Just touch and transform.


Beble is a multi-functional and space saving solution for your home.

By using traditional 4 poster bed design and integrating other furniture and systems, Beble can transform itself from a bed into a table, couch or free space, so you can sleep, work, eat, entertain and rest comfortably, all in the same room!

Product development

Beble is emerging from prototype stage now. In the coming months (July 2018), a full size V2 will be completed and tested in a live environment. Soon after, we will be moving to a trial stage with a number of use-cases in cities around the world.

If you would like to get involved for a discounted rate, please sign up below!

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The Story!

Beble is inspired by the housing situation in Dublin. As a renter, I was living in a small box room of a shared apartment to afford the rent. For some time, there were even two of us (my partner and I) living in that room. Cosy!

Ever since moving out of my parent’s house, I have been working on this idea. When we were handed our notice in 2016, one week before Christmas, to vacate that box room within 4 weeks, we had another struggle on our hands.

Thankfully myself and partner were able to move back into my parent’s place for a short time while we searched for a place of our own. This gave us the opportunity to live with Beble and test out all of its features while in development!

Good news is that it works and we were able to make use of the room easily during waking hours. Especially because you’ll always be guaranteed to have a clear table to work or eat on!

The Journey

It’s been 4+ years now… Here’s some of the journey so far!


The original framing, Feb 2015

The rest of the framing, August 2015
The assembled pieces, Oct 2015
The mechanisms, Oct 2015
The table, Feb 2016
A different table, March 2016
The extended table and ottoman stools, Jan 2017

More developments coming very soon!