Software engineering

I build interactive websites and web applications. 

I am an end-to-end developer, meaning I am involved in all aspects of web development from web-design from front-end web design to servers and databases.

Some key skills:

The modern version of the markup language for defining information on a webpage

the client-side logic (how your website makes decisions within your web browser).

  • Angular – an frontend library for managing and rendering data and layouts on the client’s browser
  • jQuery – a User Interface library for Javascript
  • Three.JS – a 3D framework for creating amazing 3D worlds using the Web Graphics Library, WebGL
  • Fabric.js – a 2D canvas framework for making art easy using the HTML canvas
  • Pusher – a WebSockets framework for real-time communication

How the look and feel of the website is definedSASS – a clever way to speed up and organise CSS. Bootstrap – a layout framework for styling.

Server-side logic (how your website’s information is served and how it can recall things from a database). Ruby on Rails – an MVC server framework for Rails.


Functional server-side coding language for high-performance and concurrent server systems. PlayFramework – an MVC server framework for Scala.

server-side logic (how your website’s information is served and how it can recall things from a database). Laravel – an MVC server framework for PHP.

Web Hosting
VPC by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS) server administration on dedicated and servers.

With a focus on:

  • Mobile-ready responsive web design
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • User engagement and experience
  • Measurements, tracking and analytics
  • Universal Design
  • Project management, product management and team-work

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